Emotions are the driving force behind human performance

We help you understand human emotions in the workplace. Our efficient method addresses the most critical people related challenge of today:
How to create energy, thrive and engagement.

No strategy succeeds
without emotions

Are you in love with your strategy? Research shows that emotions affect everything people do at work: energy levels, motivation, co-operation, creativity, and decisions. You name it. Everything!

Ok, so you have nice targets and processes set up. But how about the emotions? Are they fueling or dampening performance? Organizations are human systems and therefore best led with understanding of how human emotions work.

Joy, fear, excitement, frustration. Emotions experienced and expressed by individuals in the workplace create the emotional climate of teams and the whole organization. The emotional climate has been proven to be the most important success factor for high-performing teams.

Once you learn how different emotions work you can create an emotional climate where people thrive and perform at their best.

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You can learn to lead the emotional climate

Emergy has a powerful, research-backed and practical approach for learning emotion skills. We do not talk about emotional intelligence at a general level. We go further and deeper. We are practical.

We offer you insight into the functioning of distinct emotions and their effects at work.

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Our method gives you tools for working with emotions at three levels:

  1. Taking care of your own emotions
  2. Working with the emotions of people around you
  3. Leading the organization’s emotional climate

Our offering

We offer emotion skills training and emotional climate development programs for organizations and individuals. Our core training concept is built around 6 modules of learning workplace emotion skills.

Increasing emotional awareness

Understanding the forces behind emotions

Evoking and strengthening positive emotions

Dealing with negative emotions

Tool kit for working with emotions

Leading workplace emotional climate

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Putting it to practice

We strive for sustainable learning results, integration of learning into everyday work, and cost–efficiency by combining different learning methods: F2F workshops, virtual sessions, videos, lectures and key note speeches. We tailor our programs to optimally meet our customers’ needs.

skills training

Open enrollment programs and in-house training for leaders, teams, sales, customer service, in-house change agents etc.


We consult you on how to bring emotional awareness in to change processes, strategy launch, communication, etc.


Programs for developing the organization’s emotional climate and corporate culture.


Individual and team coaching to develop emotional competence for improved leadership and collaboration.

We are Emergy

We are your partners in creating meaningful, engaged and thriving workplaces. We help you do this by building emotional awareness, knowledge and skills.

Jarkko Rantanen

Tel. +358 50 528 4808

Maarit Tiililä
Emergy trainer and coach

Tel. +358 40 5163321

Miia Paakkanen
Compassion researcher,
Emergy trainer and coach

Tel. +358 50 5979958

Liisa Yrjölä
Emergy Coordinator

Tel. +358 45 1024 668

Jarkko Rantanen

(M. Sc. Psyc), Partner, Emergy Advisor

Jarkko is Emergy’s co-founder, psychologist, author and expert on emotions and personality. He has worked extensively with developing emotion skills at workplaces, and has written two books about workplace emotions. Jarkko has developed popular trainings for learning Workplace Emotions Skills and is an inspiring speaker and trainer.

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Maarit Tiilila

(M. Sc. Econ), Executive Coach (PCC), Emergy Advisor

Maarit has in-deapth experience of developing leadership. She coaches leaders and leadership teams in organisations that are in transition. Maarit is especially passionate about leaders’ personal transformation and she has written two books about the topic. Maarit is one of the first Emotion Skills Trainers in Finland.

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Miia Paakkanen

(M. Sc. Econ), Researcher, speaker, Emergy Advisor

Miia is a passionate researcher of the future work skills: compassion, emotions, and high quality connections. She’s the co-founder of CoPassion, a large, international and interdisciplinary academic research project at University of Helsinki that studies compassion in business. In her PhD Paakkanen researches the impact of emotional skills trainings on well-being and performance of both employees and organizations. She’s one of the first Emotion Skills Trainers in Finland.

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Liisa Yrjölä

(M.Sc.). Emergy Coordinator

Liisa is the backbone of Emergy’s daily operations and with her friendly spirit and excellent organizing skills. She has previously worked in sales and marketing and has coordinated trainings in Finland and internationally (Singapore and Dubai).

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