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While many feel that emotions do not belong in the workplace, they affect choices, motivation, collaboration, and performance at work every day. Emotions are a crucial factor in our  performance and well-being. The emotions that people experience and express in the workplace on a daily basis create a climate of emotion for teams and the entire workplace.


Managing an emotional climate builds not only sustainable well-being, but also concrete, productive success.

We provide clear tools to harness your workplace to harness valuable emotional energy and turn a frustrated, critical, and cynical atmosphere into a constructive one — an atmosphere of winning.



We have a pin-sharp focus on training and coaching on how to lead emotions in work life to help organisations achieve concrete and sustainable results. Many come to us at the point where they have tried everything else and ended up with small or no outcome. Our method is based on a scientifically proven, result-producing method. Our method gives you tools for working with emotions at three levels: Taking care of your own emotions, working with the emotions of people around you, and leading the organisation’s emotional climate.


The emotional climate has been proven to be the most important
success factor for high-performing team.


Emergy has a powerful, research-backed and practical approach for teaching emotion skills. We offer you insight into the functioning of distinct emotions and their effects at work.



We measure the effects of our training continuously. Quality and
development is essential to us and we take part in academic research
on emotions in work life.
The impacts of our programs are immediate: 92% of people who've
participated in our program have experienced instant effects in their 
work and 100% would recommend our training to others. 




Johda tunneilmastoa -kirja (2020) opastaa tutkimusten ja esimerkkien kautta, miten työpaikan tunneilmastoa voidaan kehittää ja rakentaa menestystä ruokkiva tunneilmasto, jossa ihmiset voivat hyvin ja tuottavuus paranee.