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Exceptional situations exacerbate emotions and emphasize personality differences. Tools of remote management for supervisors.

Many supervisors are facing a completely new situation. One should be able to lead a team where everyone is in a different place, insecure and stressful, requiring everyone to constantly learn and adapt. Many people have a greater sense of urgency than ever and at the same time reconciling family and work is more challenging than ever.


In this situation, the manager is expected to be extraordinarily capable of addressing people's needs, showing understanding and empathy, and leading the emotional climate. Exceptional situations also highlight personality differences that affect how each person reacts to the situation.

In our participatory webinar coaching, you will hear


  • How to understand your own behavior and that of others in an emergency

  • How to meet basic human needs - remotely

  • How to activate, motivate and lead people in a situation where everyone is scattered

  • Concrete ways to understand personality differences and ensure efficient business continuity in exceptional circumstances


The webinar is conversational and participatory. Managers are given the opportunity to stop virtually, be heard and share their own experiences in exceptional circumstances. At the same time, we provide concrete tools for supervisors themselves.


"Practical coaching that went straight into the right things and didn't waste time for foregone solutions."

“A well-packaged concise and clear webinar on people's basic human needs and personality differences. Helps to understand what is behind human behavior. I recommend. "

"We supervisors play a crucial role when a team member is required to cope even when it is difficult. People have to face what it is like to be a 'person at work'. I got concrete tools and a reminder of what a delicate area of managing we are talking about. Even one right reaction can lead to major positive things, and vise versa.”

“Coaching highlighted just the right things in this exceptional situation, and the lessons are equally applicable to so-called normal circumstances.

We got a good dose of understanding of basic human needs and personality differences. ”

"An interactive and conversational way to go through things."


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"I recommend this training to everyone interested in management and in the development of their organisation" 

Hanna Hutka-Ojanen,

Palvelujohtaja, Mehiläinen