Emotial management

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Emergy helps your company create a healthy and productive atmosphere, the results of which are reflected in both the well-being of your staff and your turnover.
Emergy specializes in work life emotion management coaching and consulting.
Our coaching is based on a scientifically researched, effective method, which 100% of our customers recommend going forward. Check out our coaching packages that
are tailored to your business needs.
Lead emotional climate

Did you know that companies with high job satisfaction have up to 184% better stock market returns in the long run than competitors? And that the emotional climate is the factor that best explains the results of top teams?

This coaching is a package tailored to your company, which helps you strengthen the emotional capacity of your staff and build sustainable well-being and performance.

Emotionally intelligent self-management

This coaching provides hands-on knowledge and skills to solve the most typical self-management challenges. The focus of the coaching is on managing one's own work, recovery, work-related emotions and dealing with them.


The coaching is suitable for the entire organization or can be directed, for example, to those in expert or manager positions.

Support for the work of supervisors in exceptional circumstances

An exceptional situation exacerbates emotions and highlights personality differences. In this coaching
reviewing concrete means of remote management for supervisors in exceptional circumstances.

Successful interaction

How to strengthen the interaction skills of experts? By understanding the underlying feelings of power, we can increase persuasiveness, better understand the behavior of different people, and succeed in customer encounters.

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Feel free to contact us and together we will design the most suitable package for your needs. Coaching can be arranged at your company's premises or via Zoom meeting.

Emotions are always out there:

like it or not.

It's about how you manage them.