About Emergy

Emergy is a company founded in 2015 that specializes in emotional skills and emotional management in working life and is a pioneer in its field in Finland. The company's coaching is based on scientific research and provide concrete ways to strengthen emotional empowerment and more effective leadership.
Emergy’s team is comprised of experienced psychology and business professionals with decades of experience in leading people and change.

Emergy Human Advisors

Human Advisor, Partner, MSc

Jarkko is a highly appreciated trainer and management team facilitator with decades of experience in emotion skills. He has helped numerous companies to create flourishing emotional climates and has trained hundreds of professionals. Jarkko has published two books about workplace emotions and is constantly bringing in pragmatic insight from the latest research in the field of emotions at work.

Email: jarkko@emergywork.com

Tel. +358 50 528 4808


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Human Advisor, Partner, MSc (Econ), Executive Coach

Ira is on experienced organizational developer with strong background in carrying out change management programs. She believes the success lays in understanding the key drivers of the people behind their professional roles. She utilizes her extensive background in leadership, project management and management consulting when helping clients develop their emotional skills and workplace emotional climate. 

Email: ira@emergywork.com

Tel. +358 40 720 0365



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Human Advisor, Master of Social Sciences

Elina is a leadership and corporate communications professional who believes that the key to success, both for individuals and organizations, lies in encountering people in an appreciative way. Elina has a solid track record of leading challenging change initiatives and a passion for developing leadership and providing people with means for change.

Email: elina@emergywork.com
+358 400 74 88 35

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Human Advisor, Bachelor of Culture and Arts, Mindfulness instructor

Julle is a storyteller, creating emotions for small and big audiences. He believes, that by examining our emotions and others´ and the stories linked to them, we can grow and thrive. Julle has years of experience in leading projects, varying from strategy communications, increasing sales to entertaining audiences. He has developed successful TV formats. Julle is a trainer, media professional and curious student of life.

Email: julle@emergywork.com

+358 40 5269341

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The Emergy Network

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Human Advisor, Partner, MSc (Econ), BSc (Tech).

Heikki is a highly skilled organizational developer and an inspiring trainer & facilitator. Before joining Emergy, he worked as a leader and management consultant. He has in-depth experience of how emotions affect our performance and drive the company's success. He is passionate about combining facts with pragmatic approach to help clients improve their emotional climate. 

Email: hex@emergywork.com

Tel. +358 40 501 3136


Miia pioneers compassion and work life emotional skills research in Finland, and she’s a very well liked organizational trainer, lecturer, author, and university teacher. Miia sees daily through both her research and practical work with leaders and organizations, how compassion and emotional skills can be taught and learned, and how significantly they impact both employee well-being and organisational outcomes. Miia often asks leaders: “Do you dare to see greatness in people, teams, and organisations?”  

Emergy Advisor, Compassion Researcher, Author, Key Note Speakers, MSc (Econ)
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Emergy Advisor, Senior Consultant, HR Director
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Hilkka-Maija is an experienced executive coach with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. Hilkka-Maija is highly experienced in talent management and employee engagement. 


Emergy Coordinator, MSc (food sciences)
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Digital Advisor, FM
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Essi on digitaalisen markkinoinnin, viestinnän ja myynnin ammattilainen, joka

on loputtoman kiinnostunut ihmisten välisistä kohtaamisista: tapahtuivat ne sitten digitaalisesti tai kasvokkain. Tunteet ovat väistämätön osa viestintää silloinkin, kun emme sitä tiedosta. 

Emergy Advisor, M.L.,Executive Coach (ACC)
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Eeva is a lawyer who has worked in international surroundings. She did her first coaching degree in 2010 in New York. After that she has concentrated totally in coaching of workplaces. Eeva is internationally sertificated coach and solution-oriented workplace mediator. Eeva is passionate about how to lead attitudes, thinking and emotions in working life.


Emergy Advisor, MSc (social sciences)
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Laura is a social sector professional who has worked in child welfare in the municipality and organisations  sector as a social worker and project manager. In Laura's experience, emotions and their management are especially emphasized in the social and health sector, as both customers and employees are dealing whit strong emotions on a daily basis. For this reason, a genuine, sincere encounter of a human being is a resource that supports the entire work community, both among supervisor and colleagues.

Emergy in media

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Video library

Jarkko's introduction
Ira's introduction

New video series (in Finnish):

work life emotional skills for exceptional conditions

March 23, 2020, Part 1
Emotional skills are needed more than ever in these exceptional times. Our new video series (in Finnish) introduces ways to handle the various emotions present in workplaces in this challenging situation.

March 23, 2020, Part 2 (in Finnish)
Human basic needs, by Human Advisor Ira Leppänen.

March 23, 2020, Part 2 (in Finnish)
Human basic needs, by Human Advisor Ira Leppänen.

March 23, 2020, Part 2 (in Finnish)
Human basic needs, by Human Advisor Ira Leppänen.

March 23, 2020, Part 2 (in Finnish)
Human basic needs, by Human Advisor Ira Leppänen.

March 23, 2020, Part 2 (in Finnish)
Human basic needs, by Human Advisor Ira Leppänen.

Lataa tunnepilvikartta tästä.


March 23, 2020, Part 2 (in Finnish)
Human basic needs, by Human Advisor Ira Leppänen.

 Videoon 5 liittyvä Emergy tunnepilvikartta


On the video, pro basketball player Tuukka Kotti shares his thoughts about leading emotions and the training.


In the podcast, our guests share their experiences on emotional leadership as well as the results they've achieved with the help of our training.