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Joy, fear, excitement, frustration. Emotions experienced and expressed by individuals in the workplace create the emotional climate of teams and the whole organisation. The emotional climate has been proven to be the most important success factor for high-performing teams.
At Emergy, our mission is to help you understand the emotions that are present, affecting your organisation's performance every day. By combining facts with a highly pragmatic approach helps our clients improve their emotional climate.

Watch the video to hear pro basketball player Tuukka Kotti's thoughts about the training

Vita Laboratoriot carried out a development project with Emergy on the company's emotional climate and operational culture. We feel that for the functionality of our work community and our customer work, it is highly beneficial to acknowledge the impact emotions have on ourselves and each other. The project was carried out over the spring of 2018 during which our team together defined the emotional climate they hope for. Emergy gave us understanding and practical tools for making that happen.

Heikki Hurme, Business Director
Vita Laboratoriot Oy

I already knew upon signing up that I was about to take part in a truly professional training. And still - I was nearly speechless of Jarkko's profound knowledge in the subject and the captivating way he brings theorical fact and functional tips for various every day encounters.

Saara Remes
Work Community Mediator, Coach, Sovunrakentajat

I recommend this training for everyone interested in the development of their organisations and leadership.

This training provided good tools for working out the "muscle of being human" and for developing emotional leadership. Going forward, we will train our supervisors and work communities in a more planned manner to understand their

natural ways of acting and operating and to recognise their own and other people's feelings as well as regulate them in a way that fits the situation. 

Merja Adenius-Jokivuori 
Personnel Development Manager

Jarkko's introduction
Ira's introduction

March 23, 2020, Part 1
Emotional skills are needed more than ever in these exceptional times. Our new video series (in Finnish) introduces ways to handle the various emotions present in workplaces in this challenging situation.

March 23, 2020, Part 2 (in Finnish)
Human basic needs, by Human Advisor Ira Leppänen.